Tuesday, 1 September 2009

New Chickens, Maran Bantam, Polish, Silkie Cross & Rhode Island Reds & Buff Orpington

When the last of our chickens a 6 year old Buff Orpington that we hatched ourselves called Sunflower died in the spring I was determined not to have any more chickens. At least until we had a smallholding - or at least enough land. Our garden is the size of a postage stamp and it just isn't big enough for a menagerie of animals. We already have a shed, a chicken house and run on it and the small lawn looks even smaller when Ozzy - our Section D Welsh Cob is on it. Anyway - the children have kept asking for chickens and my resolve weakened. So, after phoning around to see who had chickens available, we heard that the 'the egg man' was reducing his numbers, so we went to see what he had available. My advice is - Don't take your children with you when you go to pick animals.

I spotted a cute little chicken that is supposed to be a silkie cross & put it in the box. From experience I know that Silkies are not exactly what you would call 'good layers', but hopefully, whatever it is crossed with will be (unless she turns out to be a he of course!). There was a Maran bantam - we've had lots of marans and they have always been good little birds - so that went into the box. My daughter - bless her - spotted a tiny black polish hen, little bigger than a blackbird. NO - put it down I said as she picked it up and stroked the mass of feathers on it's head. You wil be lucky if it lays six eggs a year. Her little lips pouted, but she put down the bird. The children went to put the box in the car and the hubby and I went to pay for them. As we turned around. The little black polish hen was sprinting down the drive after us. Yes, you guessed it - she came with us too. She is now called Susan and is first out into the run every day.

We are collecting two Rhode Island Reds tonight. I would like a few Buff Orpingtons too, but I really don't have the space.

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